Friday, June 24, 2005

How Liberalism Is Repaid

The outrage felt by conservatives during the Vietnam war protests led to a 1968 ban of burning the flag. Those of you who keep saying "this is the way things have been for 200 years" need to keep in mind that. The ban was here before. It most likely was YOUR parents who supported that decision (which was not only passed in both House and Senate, but also ratified, through a vote of the people in 48 states) during a time when the US was torn apart by those that were calling the military "baby killers". Now the military is being called "gulag wardens" and "Pol Pot's army" by like minded individuals who are the political descendents to those burning the flag in the 60's. Until 1989 the ban held and then some Texan decided p**ping on it would be a good test case for freedom of speech (the Supreme Court comprised of 5 liberal minded individuals over-ruled 4 conservative individuals to make the decision at the time for all of us - never mind 48 states had voted it in and the people's voice had been heard).

What I find ironic is now that a decision for eminent domain has been made (by the same Supreme Court) the liberals who visit my site are howling that it is our CONSERVATIVE judges who just took another of our freedoms away. Actually, Reinquist and O'Connor, the only true conservatives (who also voted against allowing the burning of the flag in the 1989 decision), were the only ones who voted against eminent domain.

See what liberalism really does for the country? This is how you are repaid for supporting liberalism - your property is socialized (through eminent domain) by the system to support "the community" through increased tax revenue. With liberalism, it's not about helping the individual - it's all about equalizing the community.

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