Saturday, June 04, 2005

Google Front Page: What's Going On At Gitmo

(credit for picture - Joe Skippers/Reuters)

A cell at Gitmo. Wow, not what you had pictured is it? Nice, clean, and look at the little arrow in the lower left hand corner that points to Mecca.

Not dark, dirty, hot, or even bug infested looking. Hmmm, conditions look better in that cell, then they do in either of my son's bedrooms. (Entering into their rooms is a tortuous experience for me).

The title credit "What's Going On At Gitmo" goes to, who tries their very best to find something to complain about in the treatment of the detainees by their US guards. What NO deaths at Gitmo? Shucks, move on to the next possibility... How about the detainees quarters? Hmmm - no, that won't work we showed the picture. How about we DON'T mention anything negative that the detainees themselves have done? Yeah(!) that'll work, the public is slow to catch on and they believe everything we spoonfeed them.

The next time you question US integrity, put yourself in this cell and lock the door. (I could have said my son's bedrooms).

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