Saturday, June 04, 2005

Detainees Desecrate Koran More Times Than US Does

It is amazing that this headline hasn't "made the news". In reviewing the headlines today, some of the media are using inaccurate headlines to describe the latest report released by the Pentagon and Brig. Gen. Hood describing desecration of the Koran that has occurred and WHO is doing the majority of the desecrating. "U.S. Confirms Gitmo Soldier Kicked Quran" (AP), "Guantanamo guard kicked Koran" (BBC), and "Jailers splashed Koran with urine - Pentagon" (Reuters) would lead a reader to believe that the US guards are the only ones guilty of Koran desecration. "U.S.: Guards, detainees mishandled Quran" (CNN) and "Koran Abuse Details" (FOX) give readers another picture of what was really going on.

We have all heard about what the US guards and interrogators have done. This is the "rest of the story" that hasn't been headlined:

BG Hood reported, "his investigation found 15 cases of detainees mishandling their own Korans. These included using a Koran as a pillow, ripping pages out of the Koran, attempting to flush a Koran down the toilet and urinating on the Koran."

(Of these occurrences, no reason was given as to WHY the detainees desecrated THEIR OWN Korans).

Additionally, included in the report was an account of "a detainee on Feb. 18 allegedly ripped up his Koran and handed it to a guard, stating that he had given up on being a Muslim. Several guards witnessed this."

Not to incite a riot, as occurred in the aftermath of the sloppy reporting of Newsweek with it's report of US soldiers flushing the Koran, I merely wish to see a headline that more accurately describes what is really going on.

This is the side of the story that the insurgents and those who would do anything to bring down the Bush government (in particular) and the US (in general) would prefer not be revealed.

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