Friday, June 24, 2005

Democratic Dilemma

The Senate Democrats are once more finding themselves faced with a decision that is leaving them straddling the fence and grasping for the correct politically acceptable comeback to the hardline Republican lead on banning the burning of the flag.

"I can't imagine when it gets down to it that any Democrat would vote against the ban," Democratic strategist Ray Strother said. "Something strange is happening in this country. More than ever, people seem to be looking for symbols. What does this flag amendment really mean? Doesn't matter; it's a symbol for something else. People, particularly the conservative movement, are trying to leave a trail of signs that have larger implications."

Democrats will have to decide whether a show of patriotism (or lack there of) will equate to votes. Democratic strategist Jim Jordan said the issue "makes Democrats' knees wobbly".

As my friend Jay says, "the flag ain't no rag". The knee wobbling the Democrats are doing shows they understand this very well.

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