Friday, June 17, 2005

ACLU Worried Over Possible Flag Burning Ban

"It's scary close", said ACLU spokeswoman Terri Schroeder. "People think it's something that's never going to happen. The reality is we're very close to losing this battle."

Words to remember. The same organization that has concerned itself MORE with the rights of the terrorists, than those they terrorized, is now worried that an ongoing battle to make the burning of the US flag illegal will be passed by the Senate and in the ACLU's eyes another First Amendment right will be lost.

After 6 attempts on Capital Hill, this month the Senate will again vote on whether to make burning "Old Glory" illegal. The House has passed the anti-flag burning bill each time it was introduced. In the past the Senate has killed the bill. But, times have changed and the Senate is now controlled by a conservative Republican majority. The ACLU is dreading the outcome of this vote for that very reason.

Isn't it time that a change occurs? Obviously, if we allow it to be legal to burn our own flag (which worldwide a country's flag is symbolic of national unity and strength) and allow us to be attacked in such a visible way from within - why shouldn't others who don't live here burn our flags, bomb our embassies, hi-jack planes and kill our citizens? After all, we have given the world the message we don't care too much about it ourselves, we have empowered the dissidents of our own country with the right to burn our flag.

If flushing a Koran or urinating on a Bible can create such an outrage with demands for justice to be served (government money going to punish people for alleged religious rights infringements, hmmm where is the separation of church and state there?), then why shouldn't the burning of our flag be held at even a higher regard than either of those two religious books by the ACLU? After all, the US flag has been accepted and incorporated as a visual icon in our government by the ACLU, unlike the religious icons that the ACLU is advocating a removal of from all government facilities and grounds. And that is all the more reason to have the bill passed. The flag should be held above all symbolic icons (secular or non-secular) in our country and burning it should be equivalent to an act of inciting treason or committing it.

Yes, the ACLU should be worried. The time now is ripe for change. Contact your Congressmen and encourage them to pass this bill. Too many soldiers, firemen, and police officers wearing an "Old Glory" blaze have died serving our country - even those who would burn it. It is time, if for no other reason, to honor those who are in service to our country by letting them know that they will never see it burned again.

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