Tuesday, June 21, 2005

The ACLU Says: Teaching Intelligent Design Deters Business Ops

"How many new biotechnology companies will want to locate here in Pennsylvania if our students are being taught a watered-down version of the complexities of evolution?" asked Larry Frankel, legislative director for the state's ACLU chapter.

Huh? Since when has science stopped for religion? Evidently, the ACLU thinks the business of science will come to a screeching halt if students (gasp) are given more than one version of evolution to ponder.

Going before the House Subcommittee on Basic Education in Pennsylvania, is a bill to include the concept of intelligent design while teaching science. With separation of church and state in mind, the ACLU has filed suit on the Dover Area School District to stop educators from discussing intelligent design. Due to the lawsuit, some legislators have introduced the bill for inclusion of intelligent design to allow educators the ability to teach alternative avenues of evolution without fear of retaliation from intelligent design detractors.

ACLU LEGISLATIVE DIRECTOR Frankel, in his statement, is using the threat of economic loss to frighten Pennsylvania lawmakers away from the inclusion of intelligent design in teaching science. How typical of the ACLU to direct legislation this way. This is just another example of how the ACLU twists reality to meet their political agenda.

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