Thursday, June 02, 2005

ACLU Backs Transgender Suit Against Library of Congress

Confusion is a state of mind... Or is it? David Schroer, a former Colonel with the Army Rangers who had 450 parachute jumps to his credit and was a terrorist specialist who oversaw a 120 member organization that advised the Bush government, is out a job because he really isn't David, he is Diane trapped in David's manly body.

In a lawsuit filed Thursday in federal court alleging transgender discrimination, ACLU attorneys say that a job DAVID was offered and accepted, from the Congressional Research Service within the Library of Congress after leaving the military, was denied HIM after HE revealed HIS intentions to what would have been HIS new boss that HE would be DIANE in the near future. HE was informed by HIS "almost" boss that HE wouldn't be a "good fit" the next day.

'"The government was perfectly happy to let Schroer risk life and limb to fight terrorism, yet now that she's female, Schroer has been told that she's unfit even to research terrorism," said Art Spitzer, legal director of the ACLU in the Washington area."'

It is a known fact that an individual's ability to be compromised, leading to a breech in security through intimidation or threats is something taken very seriously by government entities. It would appear that under the circumstances, DAVID's potential boss was not initially informed of HIS intentions to become DIANE. That DAVID could become DIANE, leaves one to question the psychological stability of David. The job in question would be that of handling sensitive military and government material. The ramifications of David's revelations to his boss were obvious - if David could withhold personal information of such magnitude to get a job - essentially presenting a completely different face from his (her?) true nature, there is the question of what other areas of DAVID/DIANE were yet to be revealed. The boss had no choice, gender identity had nothing to do with it. The truth element and the psychological element were the basis for making the decision to not embrace DIANE with open arms.

In the article from the AP, it was not made clear whether DAVID or DIANE filed the lawsuit. It was also not revealed, of the 450 parachute jumps David made, how many times he landed on his head. This is just another example of the ACLU supporting one person's personal agenda under the auspice of "civil" liberties, which undermines the integrity of national security of the entire U.S.

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