Thursday, May 05, 2005

Teen Abortion: Florida's Jeb Bush Concedes To ACLU & Liberal Judge

Florida state has dropped its' fight to stop an abortion by a thirteen year old girl who has been a long-time ward of the state. From Gov. Jeb Bush came this statement on the case, "Look, if the judge has ruled, it's time to move on," Mr. Bush said. "It's a tragedy that a 13-year-old child would be in a vulnerable position where she could be made pregnant, and it's a tragedy her baby will be lost. There's no good news in this at all." (Quoted from the New York

In apparent defeat, Florida Gov. Jeb Bush threw in the towel with only a whimper to the surprise of many who saw him fight long and hard for Terri Schiavo. Has Florida headline news taken a toll on Bush, who has seen many of his battles cut to pieces by his liberal opponents? In this instance, instead of being lauded for his attempt to "do the right thing" by fighting the abortion to save yet another life, critics (including Judge Alvarez who made the decision on this case) have taken the stance that the state failed because of the ineptness of the Department of Children and Families to track their wards. The recent kidnapping and killing of two young girls has not helped Bush either. Although he signed into legislation making the punishment of child molesters harsher, he received equally harsh criticism for the states inability to track the molesters in the first place.

A forest begins with a single tree, but if that one tree is cut down and poisoned to boot, no forest will ever evolve. The liberals of this world would have it that no single act (as in this case of the state attempting to right a wrong) seed a beginning to reform on a much wider scale with higher moral values as its' base. Hopefully, Gov. Bush will not be poisoned by liberal bias to give up his battle on moral issues. We can separate church from state, but when we separate morals from government we loose the meaning behind the principals our founding fathers fought for.

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