Tuesday, May 24, 2005

Single Digit I.Q. Stories

On the lighter side...

Reminiscent of the vague flying skills of the Great Oz (as in the "Wizard of Oz") Jim Sheaffer admitted he was lost and his radio equipment was defective when he and his student blundered into the no-fly zone over our nation's Capitol last week. "After the second pass and the flares were fired I thought that we were going to get shot out of the sky." Ruby red slippers were not found in Sheaffer's possession upon his safely reaching the ground, which probably explains his repeated muttering overheard after landing, "I don't think we are in Kansas anymore... I just want to go home... I just want to go home..."

On the subject of flying... (as in too low to the ground), Jeff Foran found aerodynamically a cigarette blown out of a car window at 60 plus miles an hour faired far better than he did attempting to retrieve it. Both, Foran and the cigarette were lit at the time of the incident.

Speaking of lit, two children found the trunk they were put into by Lavern Dunlap a rather dark experience once the trunk door was shut. When next they saw light, it was filled with bright flashing colors...

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