Saturday, May 21, 2005

School Sued After Allowing MacBeth But Not God

Frenchtown Elementary School in New Jersey is the latest school to go to court over what is becoming a huge controversy coast-to-coast in what is deemed the separation of state and religion. A second grader who attends Frenchtown Elementary was denied the right to sing a song about God for a recent school event. Her mother went to the school board insisting that her daughter's rendition of "Awesome God" should be allowed during the event as the school was allowing the opening act of MacBeth to be portrayed during the event which features the practice of witchcraft and sacrifice of animals.

The plea to the school board was denied, so the girl's mother hired an attorney and the case was taken before a U.S. district judge to ask for an emergency stay to allow the girl to sing. The judge denied the motion for the emergency stay, but did allow the case to go forward. The lawsuit is based on charges that the school board violated Olivia's constitutional rights to freedom of speech and due process. The Alliance Defense Fund, a Christian legal advocacy group based in Scottsdale, Arizonz is supporting the lawsuit citing that the constitutional separation of church and state does not restrict an individual's religious speech.

In California it is now mandatory for schools to teach a 3 week intense course on understanding Muslim's which includes learning verses from the Koran. Read more about this story titled, "Jailed Terrorist Helps Draft Anti-Christian Rules".

It is about time for our nation to come together as a whole and decide finally what standards are to be allowed in teaching our children. When God is denied, but witchcraft and the practice of the Muslim are embraced there is something totally wrong with this picture.

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