Thursday, May 19, 2005

Return of the Red-Eye

I am suffering from lack of sleep after pulling an all-nighter. How do you tell your 26 year old son to NOT mess with his computer settings and fiddle with things? ... I guess you don't.

His laptop is (no, I mean WAS) full of the latest and greatest music downloads, video, and games he could find. Of course to run some of it, he had to load bigger and better upgrades and tweaks to get the full benefit of technology. That was until the computer went belly up and the video display went blank.

The problem with the whole thing is I am moving my computer and will be setting his up for home use for the family. So with time at a premium, at midnight I spent two hours with tech support (blooming idiots), who kept saying the motherboard was bad and send it back, then another hour convincing myself after running hardware diagnostics that it was software related (of course by that time the tech's had me take the whole thing apart and put it back together again), then nearly five hours reformatting and downloading the drivers he blew it up with in the first place, PLUS all the stinking updates and anti-sithing whatever, and then finally a break.

But sleep at that point was out of the question. With the (BTW - Happy Birthday Son) newly turned 14 year old acting as co-pilot (did I mention I can't see with my eyeglasses?) we had to go to SCHOOL and get his diploma and graduation pictures. While he went in to get his stuff, I was slunk down behind the wheel hoping that - 1. security wouldn't think I was up to something; 2. the neighbors wouldn't show up and want to talk (I had coffee stains on my robe after the second pot of joe and my slippers really need replacing).

Returning home with treasures in hand, I set the computer to load upgrades on auto and laid down my head. Two hours later, it was up to frost the birthday cake (baked during formatting time) and frost my hair (something that needed to be done a couple of weeks ago and another reason I didn't want anyone to see me).

Blinking is a problem right now. My contacts are clouding over and the screen seems a bit blurry. But no time to worry about that right now, as I need to stay awake long enough to dress to take the birthday boy out to dinner and to spend his birthday cash. The 26 year old owes me, so he'll be chauffeuring tonight and outside of the bitching he will do about driving Mom's car I think I might survive it all.

One last thing, younglings. NEVER buy a Dell. And to Dell I say, "May the force be with you all". (You need all the help you can get).

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