Saturday, May 07, 2005

Public Backlash Gets Soldier's Son Back in School

Fort Benning area residents rallied to the aid of a 17 year old student of Spencer High who was suspended for disorderly conduct when he refused to give up the phone while talking to his mom who is stationed in Iraq. The school announced that the 10 day suspension Kevin Francois had initially received had been reduced to 3 days, allowing Kevin to return to school on Monday.

'"School officials received many calls about the incident," said assistant principal Wendell Turner. "People are fussing at us, calling us names," Turner said."'


'"We are empathetic to all students whose parents serve in the armed forces ... (but) we do have behavior standards which we uphold," said Superintendent John A. Phillips Jr."'

One can only hope that policy is reviewed by this school, which is located in a population base that is comprised of military families attached to one of the largest military bases in our country, in which it allows special phone priviledges to children of soldiers serving overseas. Especially in the case of single parents who are juggling a war and trying to keep their home and children intact in their absence.

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