Saturday, May 07, 2005

Jennifer Wilbanks' Toast on eBay

Jennifer Wilbanks (the run-away bride) has received lots of media attention, but eBay enthusiasts have given a new meaning to taking a theme and running (no pun intended) with it. Over 4 pages of items are now being offered on eBay to commemorate Jennifer's jog into infamy by serious (and not so serious) sellers who are trying to ride a Greyhound bus all the way to the bank.

Items for sale include t-shirts, bumper stickers, jogging shoes, wedding veils and veils that resemble blankets, no longer needed original Wilbanks/Mason wedding invitations, grilled cheese and poptart art renditions of Jennifer, a mystery suitcase containing run-away gear, and a toasted slice of Wonder Bread that at this writing has a bid of $16,100 (US) on it.

Perry Lonzello's rendition of Jennifer, has Perry in wonder of the bread that he potentially could receive from the highest bidder. Perry has a few comments of his own regarding his work of art to bidders,

"Jennifer Wilbanks found on my morning breakfast toast. I still think her fiance did it !!! This is the one and only Toast Depicting The Scam Artict of the year Jennifer Wilbanks. Look at the eyes its her. Dont be fooled by others. Sold to high bidder shipping priority$3.85 Ebay tossed me off but im back!!! Just like Jen."


"Over 100 emails on this toast. Please bid alot i need the bread. Toast will be boxed well and shipped Priority. No the plate that the toast is on belongs to a set and does not go with it."

Bidding ends May-08-05 07:42:02 PDT on Lonzello's creation. He has promised money to charity earned from his toast to Jennifer.

BTW - Have you eBay'd today?

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