Thursday, May 05, 2005

Illegal Aliens Beware Oklahoma's I.R.O.N. Fist

The Minuteman Militia in Arizona are not working alone. I.R.O.N. (Immigration Reform for Oklahoma Now) is a bi-partisan group that has been formed to fight the epidemic influx of illegal aliens into the state. A website has been created by the group which covers statistics as to the economic, crime, education, and health costs that have resulted from illegal aliens moving into our state. The website also covers laws that need to be changed, lawmakers willing (and unwilling) to make changes, and offers information on how to report illegal alien activity in your area.

With the ACLU, the government, big business, and small businesses alike turning a blind eye to this onslaught on our economy justifying the illegals as a means to turn a bigger profit by reducing labor costs and rationalizing this with the premise that the illegals are ADDING to the local economy by paying sales taxes, the fight to stop this influx will not come from above. It must be fought on a citizen to citizen basis through groups such as I.R.O.N. who are legally (and peacefully) attempting to take back our country before it is crippled or destroyed by greed.

Does it matter to you? Illegal aliens are driving cars without insurance, seeking medical attention without insurance, sending their earnings to their home countries to help pay for the transport of more of their familiy members to join them, joining gangs and setting up turfs, sending their children to our schools which forces our educational system to adopt bi-lingual policies to teach them, and the list goes on and on.

How easy is it for an illegal to gain a foothold in our state? I.R.O.N. reports, "Currently, the process which an illegal alien goes through, to get a valid DL (drivers license) is by getting an ITIN (Individual Tax Identification Number). They then take this "identification" to the state Department of Public Safety and present it as an ID number instead of the Social Security number that they do not have. Practically anyone can get an ITIN, it is easy to obtain. It has been obtained often for fraudulent purposes. Essentially, no verified identification is required to get an ITIN. Once the DL is obtained, the holder is absorbed into the system - with a valid ID."

This alone should be reason enough to get involved and support change in our laws. But wait...there's more! In Oklahoma when a person applies for a drivers license they are also REGISTERED TO VOTE. Through our present laws we are enabling the illegal aliens to gain even more power by giving them a voice in our government.

Oklahomans, it is time to get involved and form our own militia of citizens to take back our state. Cheap labor does not improve the economy - one only has to look at history and the civil war to see that. Those southern states who fought against outlawing slave labor and who after the civil war clung to "cheap labor thinking" languished economically for decades while the progressive northern states prospered. This does not affect only those working at poverty level wages, it affects the entire population with increases in crime, welfare and health costs that are passed on to the taxpayers to absorb.

We are becoming a country of enablers by allowing our laws to go unchanged. It is time to come together at a grassroots level and make our voices heard, before our laws become so skewed in favor of those who trespass illegally in our country that we are strangled to death.

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