Sunday, May 01, 2005

Girl Puts Dad Out of His Misery

Boulder, CO officials have reported that a 14 year old girl has been charged with second degree murder in what she reported to officials was an "assisted suicide". Margaret Rich, the daughter of Garrett Rich called 911 to report that her father had taken his own life. After arriving at the scene the police found that Rich was dead, but in fact had wounds to both his head and his chest. The daughter later admitted that she had found her father wounded, but still alive and had fired the killing shot herself because "he was in pain".

Margaret is being held without bail, pending a preliminary hearing on May 25th. Local prosecutors have "asked a judge to designate the girl an aggravated juvenile offender, which would limit sentencing options if she is convicted."

Authorities are not saying whether they believe her story or not. It makes one wonder what was going on in that home where first a father would attempt to take his own life, only to have his daughter unemotionally finish him off when he failed.

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