Friday, May 06, 2005

Finger Finder Flips His Finger To Owner

Brandon Fizer, who lost a finger at the first joint in a frozen custard machine was flipped off by the finder (Clarence Stowers) who is "saving" the finger for evidence in his potential lawsuit against Kohl's Frozen Custard. Stowers was asked by the manager of Kohl's immediately following Stowers finding the partial digit to return the dismembered part to Fizer to attempt to reattach it, but Stowers refused.

Stowers lawyer Lee Andrews stated, "his client is concerned about possible disease in the fingertip and kept it because he wanted someone to test it for "all the diseases that are out here now. He's upset to the point that he's been debilitated to some degree," Andrews said. "Emotionally, it's been very upsetting to him."

Brandon Fizer has not made a public statement about his loss. I guess being flipped off by your own finger would leave anyone speechless.

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