Friday, May 06, 2005

Email Campaign: Help Get Soldiers Son Back in School

Kevin Francois was "defiant and disorderly" according to Assistant Principal Alfred Parham when he refused to hang up his cell phone call from his mom SGT 1st Class Monique Bates who has been in Iraq since the beginning of the year. School policy permitted the carrying of phones, but prohibited the use of them during school hours. But Kevin was on his lunch break when the phone call and this altercation occurred.

Because Kevin refused to surrender the phone he received a 10 day suspension from school because he "cussed" the teachers for not allowing them to talk to his mom. "Kevin got defiant and disorderly," Parham said. "When a kid becomes out of control like that they can either be arrested or suspended for 10 days. Now being that his mother is in Iraq, we're not trying to cause her any undue hardship; he was suspended for 10 days."

MILITARY MEMBERS and Families please step up to the plate and help Kevin get back in school. The email for the website for Spencer High School is address your letters to the Administrative Staff.

This kid needs his mom, in lieu of that he needed support from his teachers. Obviously, he isn't getting that so please help me email him back into school. I shared my personal story of my son's deployment and how horrid the phone conditions were (as well as the restrictions on times the soldiers could call, the lines, the static and interference, etc., etc.). Share your story so these Administrators have a clue what it is like.

Thanks to any and all that write the school on Kevin's behalf. God bless you all.

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