Sunday, May 08, 2005

Administrator's Email Response Regarding Iraq Phone Call Suspended Student

Dr. Robin Pennock, Deputy Superintendent of the school district for Spencer High in the Fort Benning area of Muscogee County, GA is responding to email pleas received from the public asking to lift the suspension of 17 year old Kevin Francois who was suspended for disorderly conduct after reacting to a teacher's asking Kevin to hang up his cell phone while talking to his mother who is stationed in Iraq. In the email response from Dr. Pennock, Pennock acknowledged that the school district had received "a ton" of emails regarding Kevin's situation. Dr. Pennock stated that those coming from military families have "given me the most pause".

Dr. Pennock describes the assistant principal who handled the situation as a disabled US Army Major who knows Kevin well and knew that his mother was stationed in Iraq. Dr. Pennock goes on to say that the teacher did not know Kevin's mother was in Iraq and that the teacher is devastated "as much abuse has been heaped on her by media who do not perhaps know the whole situation".

Dr. Pennock goes on to say in the email that a Monday meeting has been arranged by the assistant principal Mr. Parham and that Kevin will be asked to sign a behavior contract before his reinstatement as the school does not tolerate cursing and verbal assault. Dr. Pennock believes that Kevin wishes to return to school and that should not be a hindrance.

Dr. Pennock said that a statement of the events and an update would be available on the school website on Monday. In closing, Dr. Pennock said that a program was available through the Guidance office for students whose parents are deployed which helps the students to maintain contact with their parents and that, "I think we will be making sure that program is publicized AND is in all of our schools....".

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