Friday, May 27, 2005

Activist Human Shield Represented By ACLU

What is it with the Wisconsin ACLU? Wednesday they sue on behalf of a Muslim woman who thinks that she lives in Muslimland instead of Wisconsin, USA and on Thursday they sue the Treasury Department on behalf of an activist who decided he was going to make himself a human shield and try to prevent the US from entering Iraq.

Hello Wisconsin... Anyone home? Can you spell U.S.A.? The last I checked that is the country you live in. It would appear that the ACLU you are harboring there doesn't think much of their fellow countrymen. They would rather support people who don't support the U.S.

The lawsuit that was filed by the Wisconsin branch of the ACLU against the Treasury Department began with a fool going off to Iraq thinking he could stop the war. Consequently, he was removed from harms way prior to our engaging the enemy. He doesn't think he should have to reimburse the Treasury for the fines levied on him for defying the sanctions that were then in place. I wonder what price he thinks his head is worth? Obviously, now that he is home and safe more than the $8000 the Treasury is charging him. Too bad he left. He may have survived the initial bombing, but he most certainly would have been captured by the insurgents who love to cut off people's heads. That being the case, they would have saved the U.S. alot of time and money.

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