Thursday, May 26, 2005

ACLU Backs Muslim Attire Lawsuit

Asking for damages that could exceed $1 million, the ACLU of Wisconsin is representing a woman of Muslim faith who was told that she could not see her estranged husband in the maximum-security Columbia Correctional Facility north of Madison if she did not remove her head covering called a hijab. Cynthia Rhouni, 43, of Madison was given the option to remove the hijab to be allowed into the visitors area or leave. She chose to remove the hijab to be able to visit her husband, but now in her lawsuit claims, ""I just felt totally naked," Rhouni said Wednesday. "I felt I disgraced my family and my religion.""

This happened in 2003, the lawsuit was filed in U.S. District Court in Madison against two guards and the state Department of Corrections on Wednesday. The lawsuit alleges her constitutional right to practice religion had been violated.

New national safety guidelines have been issued by many of our government facilities after 911 occurred. Signs at the post office, for instance, say that hats and sunglasses must be removed. The obvious option if you do not wish to honor a safety policy is to not go into the building. Ms. Rhouni had the same option when visiting the maximum security prison her husband was incarcerated in. SHE COULD HAVE LEFT. SHE CHOSE NOT TO and WENT IN OF HER OWN VOLITION. No guard there put a gun to her head and forced the removal of the hijab, prior to forcing her to enter the visitor's area, in what Rhouni deemed made her feel, "totally naked".

This is the epitome of stupid and frivolous lawsuits. The woman had an option, leave or follow the rules. Following the rules in this case, meant to make an accommodation of her faith to do so. After-the-fact, she complains. If it was that important AT THE TIME, she could have walked away, and then contacted the prison to attempt to make an accommodation for her religion. This is just another case in which the ACLU smells a chance to make money off of the government and taxpayers. Those card carrying ACLU members are getting double-dipped, and the laugh is truly on them as each time stupid lawsuits like this occurs, they not only get hit up for "donations", they also get to donate to the cause of DEFENDING the case compliments of the government. Hasn't any member of the ACLU figured this out yet?

Lawsuits like this have an added detrimental effect on society at large. The wedge between Christians and Muslims gets wider with each case. DO NOT PLAY the victim, Muslims. Our country has opened it's arms to you. It is time that you open your arms and embrace your country and everything about it. Even if you do have to make an accommodation now and then. You have a choice. If you don't like the rules, you can always leave.

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