Friday, April 22, 2005

Price of Gas Creates Energy Saving Blogging Gaps

I have spent the last week away from home and computer due to work and the price of gas. With local per gallon costs exceeding $2.03 for low octane, my wallet can not justify a daily commute of over 140 miles at a 19.1 miles per gallon average in my older SUV. So I am one of those who due to economics is helping to save energy. Just call me a reluctant participant in the energy saving program when it comes to sleeping somewhere other than my own bed.

An added annoyance to this energy conservation (or wallet conservation) mode that I am in is that the computer is not as flexible as I am. So for now I am blogging in bursts during the short periods I am at home. The next move is to relocate the computer. Which will definitely be energy saving for me, as it is very tasking mentally to think of all the things I want to write about on a daily basis and can't. This keeps me awake at night, which is definitely not conserving energy a bit.

posted by Is It Just Me? at 1:03 AM