Thursday, April 14, 2005

Poor Parenting Makes Kids Easy Prey

Thirteen year old Sarah Michelle Lunde has had a troubled past. She has been known to run away. Yet her mother leaves for the weekend a 17 year old son (who is out running with his buddies until 4 a.m. in the morning) home alone without supervision and thinks she has Sarah farmed out to a religious youth camp (who promptly takes off and returns home). What happened to calling and checking on your kids? Why wasn't there a curfew for the 17 year old with Mom calling and checking to make sure he was OK, which would have had the added benefit of knowing her "problem" child had returned home? How can a mother assume her child is at a friends and not call and check to make sure for nearly 24 hours? Why didn't the adult supervisors of the camp have an emergency number to call the mother to notify her of Sarah's leaving?

Nine year old Jessica Lunsford was left home alone so daddy could visit his girlfriend the night she disappeared. Daddy didn't bother to make sure she was in her bed when he came home and he didn't have a clue she was gone until her alarm went off and she didn't respond to it. She died because of being left home alone.

Sarah is missing and one can only fear the worst. She also was left home alone, because her 17 year old brother was too busy with his buddies and running the streets until 4 a.m. to be bothered with her, just as his mother was too busy on her weekend away FROM HER CHILDREN to be bothered to check up on him or make herself available to be notified her daughter was not where she thought she was.

DAMN these parents to hell. They are the reason bad things are happening to their children. They should be sentenced to serve the same sentence and IN THE SAME PRISON CELL as the miscreants guilty of the acts of violence done to their kids. When the worst happens they appear on T.V. tearful and are seen pleading to have their child returned. They were all smiles when they left to pursue their adult activities and left their kids unsupervised. How can anyone have sympathy for the parents when they are guilty themselves of child neglect? These parents are the reason little girls like Jessica die and Sarah is missing. Just as parents are being held accountable for their kids in instances of underage drinking, these parents should be held accountable for their poor parenting which causes opportunities for child molesters to act with such tragic results.

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