Wednesday, April 13, 2005

Oklahoma Legislature Honors 45th Infantry Division

Members of the Army and Air National Guard filled the state House gallery on Tuesday as the Oklahoma House members honored the 45th Infantry Division. Major General Harry M. Wyatt III who serves as the Oklahoma Adjutant General spoke to those attending under the backdrop of a enlarged image of the Thunderbird which is the 45th's blaze.

The 45th Division was created in 1923 and during World War II the 45th liberated the Nazi death camp at Dachau. During the Korean War the 45th again was called to serve. Since September 11th, 2001 the 45th has seen 60 percent of the divisions nearly 10,000 Oklahoma Army and Air National Guard members serve in Afghanistan and Iraq.

Wyatt recognized SPC Klye A. Brinlee of Pryor, OK a member of the 120th Engineering Battalion who died in May, 2004 during a convoy from wounds received by a buried explosive device that hit the vehicle he was traveling in. SPC Brinlee was the only member of the 45th to die in action in Iraq. Adjutant General Wyatt praised all the members of the 45th for their service citing the differences between those conflicts of years gone by and the new mission and tactics needed for todays conflicts, and said "the current generation of Oklahoma warriors may someday rival those of the past."

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