Saturday, April 30, 2005

"Missing Bride" Surfaces With Lies

Jennifer Wilbanks managed to pull off a nearly clean get away to dodge taking a trip down the isle today. Reality must have sunk in in the final moments leading up to what would have been her wedding day today, prompting her to resurface in New Mexico. Initially, Jennifer reported to family and police she had been abducted. When questioned further about the "abduction" Jennifer finally admitted she had gotten "cold feet" and had taken a bus to Las Vegas.

Jennifer's family says she has "issues" that they were unaware of. I wonder if Jennifer is prepared for the onslaught of feedback from the public who have prayed, supported, and searched for her during her flight from reality. I am sure many of those involved personally in her case will have an "issue" with her.

This is just another example of how self-centered people can be. To leave as Jennifer did, with no word that she was safe, is an unexcusable act of selfishness.

posted by Is It Just Me? at 5:24 AM