Friday, April 29, 2005

He Changed His Mind...

This case is an insult to the memory of Terri Shiavo. Out of Sydney,Australia comes the story of a man charged with attempted murder OF HIS WIFE, who is now attempting to keep the poor woman alive on life support to keep from being charged with murder. After strangling his wife and placing her in her car trunk (where she clung to life for 5 days before being found), the attorneys for the husband have gone to court citing that his wife was a Catholic and due to religious beliefs removal from life support is not condoned. Doctors give the woman a 50% survival rate if removed from her ventilator and say death is a certainty if her feeding tube is removed.

Courts will decide a guardian for the victim other than the husband, who has been declared to "have a conflict in interest" in whether she lives or dies.

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