Saturday, April 02, 2005

Beware the Blonde with Golf Club in Hand

Monday I will be playing golf (weather permitting) to celebrate my birthday. I got hooked on the game about four years ago, when on a bet I played through a hole and made par. Not knowing the game, I didn't realize at first what I had accomplished. The people with me about had a stroke, when my shot out of sand went neatly into the hole. Caught up in their enthusiasm, I have been "playing" golf ever since.

My technique leaves a lot to be desired, because I use a combination of eyeballing the "playing field" much like shooting pool and a stance on tee that is reminiscent of my days playing fast-pitch softball and for some strange reason it works. My success at playing may have something to do with my totally unorthodox approach which leaves those playing with me completely disoriented. Not that my game is strong enough to brag about scores, but I do have a profound effect on those playing with me that brings them down to my level. But what the heck, I'll take it anyway I can. At age 47, you learn that this is the only way to approach life - not by learning new tricks, but by taking your old tricks and making a new game of them.

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