Wednesday, March 30, 2005

Is It a Victory?

Over at Stop the ACLU the topic is about a recent ruling in Indiana upholding a display of the Ten Commandments in a state building. The headline reads, " Victory For the Commandments".

But is it really a victory?

Even though the Seventh Circuit Court of Appeals upheld a display of documents including the Ten Commandments in the County Administration Building in Elkhart, Indiana it seems like the way it was done left a lot to be desired. The court stated, “The Establishment Clause is not violated when government teaches about the historical role of religion.”

Seems to me that the belief system just got thrown out the window again (like in the Colorado jurists being overruled) when the only value that is seen by holding on to religious based art in the court room is based on a historical perspective. Not much of a victory, if the real reason they were hung there (in the first place) has no meaning to the court.

But then again, maybe that is the only way to dance around the legal argument to preserve them.

Talk about dancing with the devil.

posted by Is It Just Me? at 7:33 PM